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Fully Customized Sessions Just For You

Treatments are planned with you in mind, guided by your goals.

Sessions include –  5-minute pre-session planning with hot or cool neck wrap.  High quality, hypoallergenic topical, and hot or cool towels incorporated into your session.  Scented hot towels, access to our locker room, showers, and sauna after your session.

3-hour sessions include: a custom blended product, to take home and use in between sessions.

*To take full advantage of StayWell Massage customization and amenities, paperwork is required while booking your first appointment.  Follow-up appointments will require less paperwork.


Do You Have Questions About Our Services?

Booked sessions are dedicated, uninterrupted client time, Sarah does not have access to her phone and computer.  Returning calls and scheduling appointments are often not possible between client sessions.  All calls, texts, and emails will be returned at the earliest convenience during business hours.

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