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Massage for caregivers and those looking to prioritize self-care. Custom aromatherapy and essential oil blending education classes.

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Sarah A Taylor is the massage therapist, clinical aromatherapist, and owner of StayWell Massage. 

Sarah is passionate about helping people incorporate massage into their self-care routines, to improve their quality of life, and empower the best versions of themselves.   She will deliver the therapeutic treatment you are seeking, along with additional resources and support for you to use to enhance your wellness journey.

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Booked sessions are dedicated, uninterrupted client time and Sarah does not have access to her phone and computer. As a result, returning calls and scheduling appointments are often not possible between client sessions.  All calls, texts, and emails will be returned at the earliest convenience during business hours.

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    February 16, 2022

    At StayWell Massage, the “Massage” is all about YOU. Sessions are focused on your wellness goals. Whether you want relief…

    Aromatherapy And You

    February 16, 2022

    Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to therapeutically benefit the body.  I feel it’s important to go back…

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You should complete the following forms before your session:

    – Client Intake Form*
    – Preferences Form
    – HIPAA Acknowledgement
    – COVID Protocols and Agreement
    – Cancellation and Late Policy
    – Prenatal/Postnatal Intake Form (if applicable)

    *It is important to list all health concerns, medications, and allergies so the session can be adapted to maximize benefit and minimize the risk of any harm.

    To maximize hands-on time all forms should be completed online prior to your first appointment.

    Assuming all intake and disclosure forms are completed prior to arrival, your time will begin with a ~5-minute planning session with Sarah to discuss a strategy for your session and confirm your goals and how/where you want your hands-on time focused.  You will then be left alone to get undressed and comfortable on the table.  Sarah has allocated a total of 10 minutes for planning, settling in, and redressing after your session.  Please let her know, in the note when booking, if you feel you will need more time.

    Your hands-on time will last the entire duration of the time booked 

    Example: A 2-hour session = 120 minutes of hands-on time + 5 minutes for planning, settling in, and 5 minutes for dressing after the session

    Exceptions include late arrivals, time used to complete intake forms, and sessions ended early for a violation of policies. 

    All sessions: Hot or cool neck wrap during planning.  High quality, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic topical, and hot or cool towels incorporated into your session.  Scented hot towels, access to our locker room, showers, and sauna after your session.

    2 and 3 hour sessions: 1 ounce therapeutic topical, to take home and use in between sessions.

    When booking with StayWell Massage hands-on time is the same as the amount of time you book.  Also included in the cost of your session is an extra 10 minutes which will be utilized for planning, and time getting on and off the table.  

    Example: A 2-hour session = 120 minutes of hands-on time + 10 minutes for planning, settling in, and dressing after the session

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    Sarah A Taylor LMT CA

    Prioritize your self-care, empower the best version of yourself, and enjoy the process.

    “Help me, help you” – Jerry McGuire


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