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I Respect Client Boundaries

Boundaries, although vitally important, are often difficult to navigate.  I often feel myself trying to bend my boundaries to make others comfortable.  It is important when establishing a new therapeutic relationship to be aware of where your boundaries are, where you are willing to give, and where you are not.  So, in the context of massage let’s talk about boundaries and the range where most people are most comfortable.

On your way to your session, you can trust that I will be ready and waiting at your scheduled session time. I respect your time and appreciate that you have taken time out of your day to book with me.  For me, I appreciate clients who respect mine, but your time is yours to do with what you will, if you choose to be late and receive less hands-on time that is your choice.  The session will still end at the stated time, so as not to impact the client after you.

Our initial greeting holds another boundary challenge…hug, handshake, fist bump, wave from a distance?  Where are you most comfortable?  Where do you expect to be after our third session? I’m a hugger, with my mask on, it’s ok if you are not…I will meet you where you are comfortable.

Masks or no mask?  I am vaccinated, but I have a young child at home who is not, I will likely be wearing a mask during our session.  You are welcome to as well, but I do not require it.  I have an air purifier in my room and have sanitation protocols in place so you can feel as comfortable as possible being mask-free in my room.

In a session, most people remove some or all of their clothes.  Are you comfortable removing all of your clothing, including undergarments, or removing nothing at all…I will meet you where you are.  This can change, depending on where you are receiving work and as our relationship increases your comfort level.  For me, it should go without saying, my clothing stays on. 🙂

Do you have certain body parts where you need some time before they are touched, or areas you never want to be addressed?  Please let me know, both in your paperwork and before we begin our session, I am happy to adapt to your needs.

Do you have boundaries regarding talking during your session, are you a talker, or would you like no talking at all?  For me, I try to limit my talking, although I am not always successful, especially as I’m getting to know you.  However, I will never answer a phone call, or have any outside communication during our sessions.

All of these boundaries are ones I am navigating, and helping clients navigate in every session.  If I approach a boundary or cross one I am unaware that you have, please tell me.  Communication of boundaries is paramount, and I want to respect and facilitate you and yours.

Your partner in wellness,

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