• Aromatherapy

    Smell and Emotions

    The olfactory sense, sense of smell, is amazing, and its link to emotions is profound.  Your olfactory cortex is the segment of the brain that processes the sense of smell.  It is a part of the limbic system which is responsible for the processing of emotions (amygdala & hypothalamus), and the formation of memories (hippocampus).  The limbic system is one of the triggers for parasympathetic, “rest and digest”, and sympathetic, “fight or flight”, responses from the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems.   The understanding of this process gives us the ability, and a tool to use, to guide the brain and body toward a state of calm.  So when a stressor…

  • Massage

    I Respect Client Boundaries

    Boundaries, although vitally important, are often difficult to navigate.  I often feel myself trying to bend my boundaries to make others comfortable.  It is important when establishing a new therapeutic relationship to be aware of where your boundaries are, where you are willing to give, and where you are not.  So, in the context of massage let’s talk about boundaries and the range where most people are most comfortable. On your way to your session, you can trust that I will be ready and waiting at your scheduled session time. I respect your time and appreciate that you have taken time out of your day to book with me.  For…

  • Safe & Trusted Space

    A Safe Space

    My massage room is a safe space, it’s a safe space for my client and it’s a safe space for me.  But what does that mean?  I think you can get a good massage from almost anyone, but what makes a massage truly exceptional is the relationship built from day one with your therapist.  I pride myself on being me from day one. Kind, compassionate, thoughtful Sarah, the Sarah I’m scared to let most people see.  I let down my barriers and show my true self to every client who allows me to work on them.  After all, they trust me and let down some amazing barriers themselves, so I…

  • Massage

    Massage Session Lengths Explained

    A 60-minute short massage session can accomplish one of two objectives. Either a full-body massage, often omitting hands/feet, head/face, and abdomen, OR a targeted session focusing on 1-2 areas and minimal time spent on the rest of the body. A 90-minute session is a comfortable length session for a complete full-body massage experience, including hands/feet, head/face, and abdomen.   Targeted work may be incorporated into this session if you are in your maintenance phase or if you prefer to omit areas choosing to direct the time to your target(s). 2-hour sessions are considered extended full-body sessions. This session allows for a full-body massage experience with added targeted work on 1-2 areas…

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