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My massage room is a safe space, it’s a safe space for my client and it’s a safe space for me.  But what does that mean? 

I think you can get a good massage from almost anyone, but what makes a massage truly exceptional is the relationship built from day one with your therapist.  I pride myself on being me from day one. Kind, compassionate, thoughtful Sarah, the Sarah I’m scared to let most people see.  I let down my barriers and show my true self to every client who allows me to work on them.  After all, they trust me and let down some amazing barriers themselves, so I reciprocate with gratitude.

The openness and trust required to allow a virtual stranger to touch you is not something I take lightly.  But more importantly, as the client, you have rights within the session and the responsibility to yourself to make sure you get what you need.  

So safe space, to me, means whatever you need from your session is ok…  

If my pressure is too hard, too soft, perfect…I want to know.  If you have an itch, scratch it.  If the face cradle is bugging you, adjust it.  If my nail is poking you, tell me. If you have an emotional experience on the table, crying, laughing, or even getting angry…it’s ok.  If you cannot stop yourself from making sounds of relief when I find that particularly nagging spot, your largest exhale of the year, grunting, moaning (insert the scene from “Friends” with Phoebe massaging Monica here)…I’m glad to hear it.  If you cannot be face down because it’s allergy season and you can’t breathe, we will work your back in side-lying (it’s better anyways).  If at any time, you are uncomfortable, tell me and I promise to do the same.

You get the point, I am here to support you, and we are here for each other.  Let’s make your next session an exceptional one, together.

Your partner in wellness,

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