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Massage Session Lengths Explained

A 60-minute short massage session can accomplish one of two objectives.

Either a full-body massage, often omitting hands/feet, head/face, and abdomen, OR a targeted session focusing on 1-2 areas and minimal time spent on the rest of the body.

A 90-minute session is a comfortable length session for a complete full-body massage experience, including hands/feet, head/face, and abdomen.  

Targeted work may be incorporated into this session if you are in your maintenance phase or if you prefer to omit areas choosing to direct the time to your target(s).

2-hour sessions are considered extended full-body sessions.

This session allows for a full-body massage experience with added targeted work on 1-2 areas of the body. 

3-hour sessions provide the most relaxed experience allowing for complete customization of the structure of the session.  

A full-body massage where areas of the body receive work at the beginning, middle, and end of the session.  Targeted work on 2-3 areas of the body or more.

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