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    At StayWell Massage, the “Massage” is all about YOU. Sessions are focused on your wellness goals. Whether you want relief from aches and pains, more frequent feelings of calm, or just a moment of quiet reflection…your goal is taken to heart. I put time and care into making sure you are getting out of your time exactly what you intend. Together, anything is possible. Your partner in wellness, Sarah

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    Aromatherapy And You

    Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to therapeutically benefit the body.  I feel it’s important to go back to basics when it comes to supporting our everyday health.  By harnessing the components in a plant’s essential oils, we can positively impact the body’s natural processes.   All while surrounding ourselves with smells that evoke positive emotional responses.  What scent makes you feel happy? Calm?  I want to know 🙂 Your partner in wellness, Sarah

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    Pre/Postnatal Personal Care

    Your Prenatal and Postnatal journey is uniquely yours, with each child a once in a lifetime experience.  Prioritizing self-care, so you can mentally and physically enjoy this amazing time, is crucial.     The opportunity to be a part of your support system is an honor I take to heart.  Our time will be spent with your goals in mind doing whatever is necessary to be of assistance.     By choosing me, you will have a massage therapist who is passionate about Pre and Postnatal care and has spent 17 years dedicated to furthering my education in this particular niche. You can trust that you’re in the best hands with me.  …

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